PRG 540 | KVT-Fastening Austria
Whether blind rivets, self-clinching fasteners or thread inserts – our fastening technology components provide high-performance solutions for all industrial sectors from a single source!

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Beschreibung pneumatisches Setzgerät ohne Dornabsaugung
Order description PRG 540
Einsatzbereich 3,0 - 6,4 mm
Grundausstattung 3,0 - 6,4 mm
Gewicht 2,0 kg
Länge 230 mm
Höhe 295 mm
Werkzeughub 17 mm
Betriebsdruck max. 5,8 bar
Zugkraft 12,4 kN @ 5,6 bar
Druckluftverbrauch 1,5 Liter/Niet

Subject to technical alterations.
Technical performances, installation recommendations as well as unspecified tolerances regarding the dimensions of the parts have to be requested individual for each application before starting the series production.