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Whether blind rivets, self-clinching fasteners or thread inserts – our fastening technology components provide high-performance solutions for all industrial sectors from a single source!

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Blind rivet nuts

Spin rivet nut onto simple hand or Power tool, insert into pre-drilled or punched hole, set nut, withdraw tool mandrel - done. When load-bearing threads are required in thin walled materials or profiles, blind nuts are a most effective solution. They can be fitted "blind" (from one side only) with no re-machining/processing and without damage to pre-treated surfaces. Our extensive program offers a wide range of materials, head or shank types as well as standard, medium, long and extra-long grip lengths.

FASTEKS+ KD-TECH® / ecosyn®-BCT blind rivet nuts are load-bearing threads, which are designed for applications in thin walled, high-tensile, soft, brittle and sandwich-materials. KD-TECH® / ecosyn®-BCT means (K) controlled deformation of the blind side bulge: Very efficient through blind setting and without any need for reoperation, the bulge deforms itself controlled and without hole filling around the workpiece inducing much less stress into the base material as a standard blind rivet nut.
BCT® is a proprietary brand of BBA.

Features and benefits:

  • Bulge-forming without hole filling and stress induction
  • Very efficient setting with single side access only
  • Manifold application areas, independent from base material

Subject to technical alterations.