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Description Setting Tool MB/LP - Hydropneumatic table press, force and distance controlled
Order description ExPress3000
Dimensions and weight:
Height approx. 1360 mm
Width approx. 340 mm (max. 530 mm)
Depth approx. 495 mm
Working area (height) 250 mm (working height between table top and cylinder, without setting tool)
Working area (depth) 200 mm (center-line spacing between cylinder and C frame)
Table ( width x depth) 220 x 160 mm
Weight approx. 140 kg
Mechanical properties
Compressive force 30 kN (max. force 29.5 kN at 6 bar)
Cylinder ram 60 mm
Working stroke 10 mm (within the cylinder ram)
Working speed 40 mm/sec (max. possible at 6 bar)
Electrical properties
Operating voltage 230 V / 110 V, Automatic switchover to corresponding power supply
Electronic properties
Operation VISUAL POINT terminal with QVGA graphic display
Force / distance control Sensors adjusted with SIT reference sensor
Software WINSCOPE Software for connecting to a PC
Further Information
Safety equipment Two-hand operation - Right-hand lever and left-hand pushbutton
Standard equipment Acoustic warning device for bad parts
  • Visual warning device (red/green lamp) for bad/good parts
  • Software for connecting the press control unit to an on-site PC

  • Subject to technical alterations.
    Technical performances, installation recommendations as well as unspecified tolerances regarding the dimensions of the parts have to be requested individual for each application before starting the series production.