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LK 600-060

Installation Instructions

Series LK

Drilled hole

  • The drilled hole must be within the tolerances shown on the dimensional sheets.
  • Holes must be round within 0.05 mm.
  • With hard materials the bore roughness should be from Rz = 10 - 30 µm. for best results.
  • Longitudinal rifles and spiral grooves should be avoided. These influence the sealing effectiveness.
  • The bore must be free of oil, grease and chips.

Setting procedure

  1. Insert the plug in the tool, making sure that the sleeve is against the nosepiece.
  2. After inserting the plug into the hole activate the tool to expand the plug. The mandrel will break apart when the proper tension has been reached.


  • The assembly of KOENIG Expander®s should only be done in a clean working area.
  • Sleeve and mandrel of the plug should not be cleaned or lubricated.


 For trouble free installation of KOENIG Expander®s use the tools and appropriate components according to the data sheet.

Plug removal

With KOENIG Expander® LK series plug removal is possible.


  1. Drive the mandrel from the sleeve with a punch.
  2. Drill out the sleeve and remove the mandrel.
  3. Bore the hole to the next larger Expander diameter per the data sheet.
  4. Clear chips, remnants of the sleeve, and oil and grease from the bore.
  5. Install a new KOENIG Expander®.
Note: After plug removal always install the next larger size plug.

Subject to technical alterations.