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MB 600-080

Pressure Performance Tests KOENIG Expander®

Test (A) Pressure Test To Failure

In test (A) the KOENIG Expander® is subject to increasing static pressure until plug blowout occurs. These tests are done by Koenig Verbindungstechnik for functional testing during manufacturing runs. Each production lot (Batch No.) undergoes these tests.

Test (B) Temperature/Pressure Cycling

In test (B) the KOENIG Expander® is subject to a long term test simulating practical conditions. This determines the pressure which can be applied (lower limit) without plug blowout, with intermittent pressure and varying temperature.


Temperature:2 hours at +100 °C, 2 hours at -40 °C
series LK and LP partially 2 hours at +150 °C, 2 hours at -40 °C
Temperature change:between 30 and 45 minutes
Pressure:intermittent 2 minutes at 0 bar, 3 minutes at test pressure
Duration:170 h (long-term test)
Drill Hole: tolerance, roundness and roughness per data sheets, plain surface distance from edge per data sheets

We emphasize the fact that the use of our sealing plugs has been tested in the above listed temperature range. Please contact us in case of deviating temperature conditions.

Subject to technical alterations.